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Today I ran across this lovely Stepparents' Oath that was very touching and, of course prompted me to think about the issue of dealing with a stepparent when Co-Parenting.

For many parents in Co-Parenting situations, having a peaceful acceptance of a new stepparent can prove extremely difficult and can test the patience of even the most 'enlightened' of parents.  For me, this was one of the hardest aspects of my most trying moments I will admit that it can still be challenging.

I was, however, inspired by reading the Stepparent's Oath, and in the spirit of peaceful cooperation for the sake of the 'littles' in Co-Parenting families - I began wondering what an enlightened "Parent's Oath" would be.

If I were to write a Parent's Oath for my child....

Would it be to love you so much that rather than being threatened by a healthy, loving stepparent, I would instead learn to be so happy for you that another person came into your life who loves you and adores you as I do?

Would it be to vow to love any person (stepparent or otherwise) in your life who has a healthy, loving relationship with you - and appreciate their part in filling up your heart with love?

Would I promise to always put your needs and best interests - even as it relates to your other family, your family when you're apart from me?

Would I always work to be an enlightened role model for you - even when transferring you into the arms of your stepparent?

Would I always be available to listen, help, and support your relationship with your other parent and stepparent?

When dealing with your other parent and stepparent, should I be sure to act in a way that brings more peace and stability to your life, rather than adding drama?

When you tell me what a lovely time you had getting ice cream with your stepparent, should I enthusiastically smile, be genuinely happy for you and ask what flavor of ice cream you had?

Should I promise to smile and wave when seeing your stepparent at sporting and school events, to let you know that it's okay that we're all here supporting you together?

Should I promise to love you with my whole heart - in such a way and degree that there is no room for my ego and jealousy of your other parent or stepparent - and put your needs above mine always and in all matters?

Would it be that no matter what, I will always know that the more people who love 'my' little the better?

And know that no matter what, each person that you share a loving relationship with will always hold a sacred and unique bond with you?  And instead of viewing the love that others have with you as threatening, I will honor that love and be so happy for you that you have so many people in your lil' world who love you?

Yes.  For you, little one - I would do just that.




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