Co-Parenting Resources

We know that co-parenting can come with challenges, so we're dedicated to providing resources and tools to help your 'littles' along their journey!

Coparenting Resources and Coparenting Calendars - Enlightened Littles

Along the way we have found other like-minded companies and individuals that are also passionate about helping co-parenting families.  Below is a list of resources to help you and your littles:
Mediation + Conflict Resolution
Eagle River Mediation - We absolutely love the team at Eagle River Mediation.  Their firm helps individuals and families resolve disputes themselves, without the need for stressful litigation.  
MWI - MWI is a nationally recognized dispute resolution firm that builds mutually beneficial solutions through mediation and negotiation services, consulting and training.
Resources for Shared Parenting - We were contacted by the Teacher of a very enlightened student who found this website helpful. We think so highly of this amazing student and the awesome Teacher for letting us know about this information by Kales & Kales PLC.
Single Mom Support
The Successful Single Mom - If you're struggling with being a Single Parent, you need to meet Honoree, the dazzling author and creator of The Successful Single Mom blog!  Check out her books and blog for your daily dose of Single Momma inspiration!
Therapeutic Tools for Kids
Stress Free Kids - For those of you who know Lori Lite (we love her!), you can understand why her company Stress Free Kids is on our list of favorite resources for littles!  From kid-adored guided meditation cd's to stress management programs, Stress Free Kids' products help children by building their self-esteem, managing their stress, and relieving their anxiety. 
Co-Parenting + Divorce Support
Split Decisions FM Radio - If you like to stay up-to-date on all things Co-Parenting, tune into this FM radio station to hear expert authors, Family Law experts, and Child Psychologists discuss all things Divorce and Co-Parenting.  Regardless of where you are in your Co-Parenting journey, you will absolutely love this extremely insightful and always informative FM radio station that broadcasts live out of Sacramento, California.  Not in the Sacramento area?  No problem.  You can click here to stream their exceptional shows. 
Custody X Change - Offering the leading software for creating and managing child custody agreements, Custody X Change was developed with the assistance of family law professionals. Their co-parenting software not only saves the effort of performing endless calculations, but it generates easy-to-understand calendars for clients.  You can click here to download their "Mindful Co-Parenting Guide".