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Home of the first Co-Parenting Calendar, Enlightened Littles Inc. was founded on the belief that there should be enlightened and fun tools to help 'littles' understand big things.
In close cooperation with accomplished Child and Family Play Therapists, we've created an enlightened line of lovingly made tools to help 'littles' take flight.  We know that every family is unique, so we've lovingly created a line of Co-Parenting tools just for 'littles'.  
Like many of you, I too understand the gut-wrenching heartache that often comes with sharing custody of your children. After 10 years of co-parenting, I think I finally have it mastered....I think.  For me the first 10 years were brutal trial-and-error lessons that tested my very essence, patience, sanity, strength, resilience, and ultimately challenged everything I thought I knew about what it really means to be a loving parent.  
From sippy cups and footsie jammies to band practice and elementary school - the years quickly flew by and somehow we found our own, unique stride.  For the past 10 years, I've been on a mission to develop a lovingly enlightened line of tools and toys to help 'littles' understand big things.
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Brand Goodies - Enlightened Littles - Co-Parenting
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