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Media Kit - Englightened Littles - Coparenting

Home of the first Co-Parenting Calendar, Enlightened Littles Inc. was founded on the belief that there should be enlightened and fun tools to help 'littles' understand big things.  We're on a mission to develop and create enlightened tools and toys to help children in Co-Parenting families better adjust to living in two homes.  Co-parenting is near and dear to our hearts, so it is often the focus of the products we continue to develop. 

Our products have been invaluable to our children, and it is our greatest hope that other families can benefit from them as well. 

Co-Parenting Calendars for Kids - Enlightened Littles in the Media

About Us

At Enlightened Littles, we know that every family is unique and that there are a myriad of ways to help 'littles' make sense of big things - which is why we've lovingly created a line of Co-Parenting tools for children.  In close cooperation with accomplished Child, Family, and Play Therapists, we've created an enlightened line of Co-Parenting tools to help 'littles' understand big things.  In close cooperation with accomplished Child and Family Play Therapists, we've created an enlightened line of lovingly made tools to help 'littles' take flight.  We know that every family is unique, so we've created a line of Co-Parenting tools just for kids!

Our Story

Like many of you, I too understand the gut-wrenching heartache that often comes with sharing custody of your children. After 10 years of co-parenting, I think I finally have it mastered....I think.  For me the first 10 years were brutal trial-and-error lessons that tested my very essence, patience, sanity, strength, resilience, and ultimately challenged everything I thought I knew about what it really means to be a loving parent.  
From sippy cups and footsie jammies to band practice and elementary school - the years quickly flew by and somehow we found our own, unique stride.  For the past 10 years, I've been on a mission to develop tools to help young children in Co-Parenting families better adjust to the day-to-day aspects of shared parenting time within divorced or separated families.

As Seen In

We are honored and oh-so excited to have our "My Two Homes" Co-Parenting Calendars
featured by these excellent Co-Parenting resources:


"Coolest Co-Parenting Tool EVER!  Recently, I received the coolest gift: a "Home Tweet Home" Parenting Time Calendar from my friends over at Enlightened Littles.  If this isn't the absolutely coolest way for kids to plot and plan their visits at mom and dad's house, I don't know what is!

The sturdy metal calendar has magnetic moms and dads that your kids can move around so they'll know what days they will be at moms house, dads house, and when they are changing homes.  If there's anything I know for sure, it's that kids love to be certain about what's happening. In the midst of a divorce or going from home to home, having a visual reference that's terrific no matter how small your kids are, can really help kids wrap their arms and minds around where they will be and when.

I'm so grateful to have this tool now, and I wish it existed a dozen years ago when I got my divorce!  Order your "Home Tweet Home" Parenting Time Calendar and check out the other cool tools the Enlightened Littles peeps have for you. You and your kids will be glad you did!" - The Successful Single Mom blog


“Perfect for toddlers.  I normally never write reviews, but I saw this on pinterest and decided to give it a try since I recently divorced. My sons were both really struggling with going back and forth between my house and their dad's apartment, so I thought I would try it. We set it up in their shared playroom and they love sitting down with me and planning out their schedule for the week. Especially for newly divorced families, it seems like a really good way to help your kids understand the new routine.” -  Jennifer

“Great for keeping track of her activities.  I purchased the calendar a couple months ago and my 4 yr old daughter has really appreciated knowing our new visitation schedule. I bought this set because she gets confused on who is picking her up from school with the new custody schedule. She really likes this and it helps me keep better track too.” - Carl 

“Perfect For Little Hands!  My twins really love the calendar but like to plan out the whole month at a time. My girls love this!” - Sarah

The Goods

Don't worry Media mavens! - We have everything you need right here!    #welovethemedia


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