About Us

Home of the first Co-Parenting Calendar, Enlightened Littles Inc. was founded on the belief that there should be enlightened and fun tools to help littles understand the world around them.
At Enlightened Littles, we know that every family is unique and that there are a myriad of ways to lovingly help littles make sense of big things. Which is why we've lovingly created a line of Co-Parenting tools for your littles.
In close cooperation with accomplished Child and Family Play Therapists, we've created an enlightened line of lovingly made toys and tools to help your littles take flight.
 About Us - Enlightened Littles
At Enlightened Littles, we're on a mission to develop and create a lovingly enlightened line of tools and toys to help 'littles' understand big things. Since co-parenting remains near and dear to our hearts, it is often the focus of the products we continue to develop. Our products have been invaluable to our children, and it is our greatest hope that your family can benefit from them as well.  

Many blessings to you and your 'littles' while on your journey!