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Summer Co-Parenting: 5 Tips for an Easy-Breezy Summer

The onset of summer and the end of the school year can often prompt new challenges for co-parenting families.  In most Parenting Plans and Court Orders, the specified parenting time that each parent has changes during the summer when the children aren’t in school.  Despite the relationship you may have with the other co-parent, we’ve outlined some ways that you can ensure a fun and stress-free...

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Stepparent's Oath I Parent's Oath

Today I ran across this lovely Stepparents' Oath that was very touching and, of course prompted me to think about the issue of dealing with a stepparent when Co-Parenting. For many parents in Co-Parenting situations, having a peaceful acceptance of a new stepparent can prove extremely difficult and can test the patience of even the most 'enlightened' of parents. For me, this was one of the hardest...

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Look what just hatched.... Enlightened Littles!

We are proud to announce that a new line of innovative, enlightened toys and tools has just hatched!   Enlightened Littles (aka "Eli") is a new, oh-so adorable company that was founded on the belief that there should be enlightened and fun toys and tools to help littles understand the world around them. Eli knows every family tree is unique, and that there are a myriad of ways to lovingly help...

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