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New Interactive Tool for Mediators and Lawyers

A few months ago we were contacted by MWI – a prominent Mediation firm in Boston that often deals with Family Law cases.  They reached out to us to ask if they could review our “My Two Homes” Magnetic Co-Parenting Calendar.  Since our mission at Enlightened Littles is to provide helpful tools and toys that help children thrive in Co-Parenting, Single-Parent and Blended Families; we were of course...

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Summer Co-Parenting: 5 Tips for an Easy-Breezy Summer

The onset of summer and the end of the school year can often prompt new challenges for co-parenting families.  In most Parenting Plans and Court Orders, the specified parenting time that each parent has changes during the summer when the children aren’t in school.  Despite the relationship you may have with the other co-parent, we’ve outlined some ways that you can ensure a fun and stress-free...

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4 Ways To Make Custody Exchanges Less Stressful for Your Child

One of the hardest aspects of co-parenting are the frequent and inevitable custody exchanges.  The process of transferring your child to their other parent can prove difficult for even the savviest of parents.  Especially in high-conflict co-parenting situations, custody exchanges can be extremely stressful and heart-wrenching.   Although your custody transfer days may never become your favorite...

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