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4 Ways To Make Custody Exchanges Less Stressful for Your Child

One of the hardest aspects of co-parenting are the frequent and inevitable custody exchanges.  The process of transferring your child to their other parent can prove difficult for even the savviest of parents.  Especially in high-conflict co-parenting situations, custody exchanges can be extremely stressful and heart-wrenching.   Although your custody transfer days may never become your favorite...

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Top 3 Tips For Coparenting With A Jerk

Co-parenting is never easy. For most parents, the very idea of having to share ‘your baby’ with another immediately evokes a biological sense of loss that just can’t be soothed. And for those in high-conflict coparenting situations who are forced to coparent with an ineffective or abusive coparent, the hardship can be overwhelming. After 10 years of coparenting with a jerk, here are the top 3...

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