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Summer Co-Parenting: 5 Tips for an Easy-Breezy Summer

The onset of summer and the end of the school year can often prompt new challenges for co-parenting families.  In most Parenting Plans and Court Orders, the specified parenting time that each parent has changes during the summer when the children aren’t in school.  Despite the relationship you may have with the other co-parent, we’ve outlined some ways that you can ensure a fun and stress-free...

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3 Tips For Co-Parenting Young Children

According to Psychology Today, young children and toddlers are the age group that are most adversely affected by divorce or separation. Although divorce and co-parenting undoubtedly affects children of any age, the report by Edward Kruk Ph.D.found that because young children haven’t yet fully developed their cognitive and communication skills to be able to process and communicate their feelings,...

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3 Tips to Help With The “They Just Got Back From Their Dad’s House” Haze

If you’re a co-parent, you may have experienced the ‘they just got back from Dad’s / Mom’s house’ funk that routinely occurs when your child returns to your house after visiting their other parent. What is this odd transition phase? And what can parents do to assist their children with their parenting time transitions?I first experienced this phenomenon when my son was very young, but as he’s...

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